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Ace The Interview:

You should think of the first interview as a two-way street. For many people, it is difficult not be nervous in an interview, but remember that you should be assessing the company's suitability for your career as much as they are assessing your suitability for the role and company. Here are a few tips to assist you - please contact your consultant if you have any questions:


  • Ensure that you have researched the company thoroughly: its products and services, competitors, and clients.
  • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer; remember that the quality of your questions will be compared to your competitors. Examples include: What would I be expected to accomplish in this position? What are the greatest challenges in this position? How do you think I fit the position? Can you describe the company culture?
  • Be prepared for questions you are likely to be asked. Interview questions are generally quite predictable, and whilst you should not appear robotic in your response, thinking about these questions in advance will ensure that you are confident with your answers.
  • Make sure that you know your own resume and are able to answer any questions regarding it.
  • Know the exact name and pronunciations of the person you are meeting. This is very important and if you are not sure, call ahead to confirm with the receptionist.
  • Bring copies of any supporting information. You may have additional information in your portfolio which will support you during the interview such as written articles, URL references, written references, etc.


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