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Step 4: The Interview Process.

The majority of organisations in Australia conduct a 2 stage interview process, although on some occasions 3 may be required. This will be advised before the initial interview. On occasion, the initial interview may be conducted via telephone, and this should be prepared for in exactly the same manner as a face to face interview.

Upon confirming a mutually acceptable time for the initial client-candidate interview, Time Recruitment will provide all of the relevant information for the candidate to prepare in the best possible fashion. This will include a confirmation email outlining the interview time and date, the address the interview will be conducted, along with a detailed map of the location. Amongst the other information supplied are the name and details of the hiring manager with whom the candidate will be meeting, the style of interview that the interviewer generally conducts, a detailed position description (where available), interview tips, and some links for the candidate to conduct research on the company and the organisation.

On the following pages you will find information on various common interview situations, as well as tips and guides on how to walk out of that interview for the perfect job without thinking "Oh God! I really screwed that up!". The following information has helped hundreds of candidates from junior to GM secure a job - they can be lifesavers!







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