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Step 3: The Recruitment Agency Process.

Upon receipt of an application, Time Recruitment will endeavour to contact the sender as soon as possible. Time Recruitment does treat every application in the strictest confidence so applicants can be assured that their details will never be discussed or forwarded to a company without their permission.

One of Time Recruitment's consultants will initially call the applicant to have a brief discussion or screening. If shortlisted, the applicant will be invited to the office for a face to face interview to determine his or her suitability to the organisation and role in question.

This interview should be treated as the first interview of the hiring process, and should be approached accordingly - any relevant documents to support an application should be brought along to the meeting. As in life, first impressions do count for an awful lot, so the usual things that the applicant themselves would look for in a potential employee apply e.g. punctuality, appearance, etc.

During this interview, Time Recruitment will discuss issues such as salary, company culture, and any other questions that the applicant may have, as well as discuss the position in more detail. The consultant will also inform the applicant of the time frame for hiring that has been indicated by the client, the process for Time Recruitment in handling the application process, and the next steps.

Upon approval by the applicant, and assuming that the candidate is suitable for the role and vice versa, the Consultant will then submit a CV, cover letter along with a comprehensive candidate summary which outlines the candidate's suitability to the role and the organisation, as well as other details including salary expectations. Time Recruitment then follows this up with a telephone or face to face conversation with the hiring manager and will try to organise a time that is mutually acceptable for the first client candidate interview.

It is important to remember that under no circumstances should the applicant contact the client directly. It not only makes the candidate look unprofessional, but also wastes the hiring manager's time.



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